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Enforcement of Security

The team frequently acts for lenders seeking to enforce their security over the assets of an insolvent entity and are experienced in dealing with the appointment of administrators and LPA receivers.

Our insolvency solicitors will take care to ensure the correct process is followed to ensure validity of the appointments made and are well placed to advise on strategy to ensure that assets are realised and recoveries maximised for the benefit of the lender.

Advising Landlords on Tenant Insolvency

When a tenant becomes subject to an insolvency process, it is important for landlords to take appropriate action with a view to regaining possession of their property and recover sums that they are entitled to such as rent deposits and rent continuing to accrue for continued beneficial use. Where the insolvent tenant grants a licence to occupy to a buyer of their business, landlords will need to understand their rights and remedies and respond appropriately so as not to prejudice their ability to take back possession of the premises at a later date.

The team’s knowledge and experience in acting for insolvency practitioners makes them highly effective in representing the interests of landlords in these circumstances. The expertise of our team enables them to understand the various competing objectives of the parties and advise on strategies for negotiating arrangements to best serve the interests of the landlord. Early action may be key to maximising options and the prospects of return and our team are able to be responsive to the needs of a landlord in this situation.

Supplier Recovery and Retention of Title

Suppliers who become subject to the insolvency of a customer will need specific advice and often time critical advice as to how they can take action to recover their goods without unwittingly falling foul of restrictions under insolvency legislation. Our team are able to navigate through the issues and can recommend a course of action to maximise prospects of recovery and payment. With experience of acting for suppliers in relation to retention title claims against customers in the retail and marine sectors which became subject to high-profile insolvencies, our insolvency lawyers are best placed to advise in such matters with a reliable success rate.

Overseas Creditor Advice

If you are outside of the UK but have dealings with a UK entity that become subject to insolvency, our team can assist you with a view to maximising your recovery prospects and advise you on strategy for taking action.

Restructuring & Insolvency

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