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When it comes to the law, aviation is a niche sector. Finding a law firm that understands aviation law and is experienced in the sector can be challenging. Lester Aldridge is one of the few law firms outside of London that understands theory and has the expertise and experience to find you relevant specialist advice. We work with airlines, aircraft operators and airports to provide assistance and advice in a range of commercial, regulatory and legal matters.

We also offer a standard English process service agent role for lessors for the leasing of aircraft in the international forum.

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Logistic Services

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We assist owners with sale and purchase issues and advise non owners, operators of aircraft, those supplying services to aircraft operators with contractor disputes whether that be in relation to the carriage of passengers or cargo.

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Airport Development

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We have experience in assisting airports with planning and development issues.

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Aerospace Contracts

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We have particular expertise in dealing with contracts with companies operating in the aerospace fields.

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