Our specialist team provides comprehensive litigation and conflict resolution support for your business and its international needs.

If you want to grow your business you can call on us, and our international colleagues, to give you invaluable legal advice and support.

Dispute Team 2C

Recovering debt across continents can prove tricky. We’re experts in this field, and have the knowledge and experience to solve problems and deal with disputes here and abroad.

Dispute Team 2C

If you have a dispute that takes you across borders and needs foreign legal advice, our team can call upon international colleagues to help secure the best result for you.

Mediation team 2C

However you’re creating your family it may involve people across several countries. At a stressful and emotional time, we can offer you international support to help you reach your goal.

Mediation team 2C

Relationship breakdowns are traumatic and can be complicated particularly if individuals and assets are across multiple countries.

Insolvency and Business Recoveries Solicitors

Dealing with the recovery of assets or financial difficulties is hard, but with international ties it can be even tougher. We have the legal expertise to help you whatever your problem is.

Medallion Signature Guarantee

Welcome to our range of international estate services that we provide to executors, administrators, beneficiaries and families throughout the world. Whether you are responsible for dealing with foreign assets or an individual with international affairs planning for the future, we are here to help you.

International Probate 2C

If you are responsible for dealing with an estate involving North American assets, you will usually be asked to provide a medallion signature guarantee (also referred to as medallion guarantees, signatures or stamps).

Shipping Yachts Team 2C

From international shipping, logistics and offshore supply vessels to regulatory offences, contract advice, finance, and insurance, we’re experts in this unique field of law.

Tax, Trust Team 2C

Securing your family financially is always a priority, but it can be more difficult if things falls into foreign jurisdictions. We are here to advise whatever your need.