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Navigating your way through disputes, the complex shipping law involving Bills of Lading can be a challenging process. Our specialist shipping solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with these disputes, where time is often of the essence.

We provide prompt, high quality legal advice, which places great emphasis on working closely with our clients and understanding their business requirements. Our ethos is to try to resolve disputes expeditiously, without incurring disproportionate costs and with a view to avoiding arbitration and litigation, if possible.

How can our marine lawyers help?

  • Maritime Liens: The ability to exercise a lien whether it be over a bulk cargo, a liquefied cargo or goods in a container is an invaluable weapon in trying to ensure outstanding monies are secured or paid. The exercise of a lien whether it be over cargo, bunkers, freights or sub freights in the UK or worldwide has many legal hurdles, which our marine lawyers can help you to cross.
  • Problems relating to lost, mislaid and replacement Bills of Lading as well as misdelivered and lost cargo: Whilst letters of indemnity can often deal swiftly with these issues, this is not always the case. We are experienced in negotiating and resolving problems with the shipping lines.
  • Cargo Damage Claims: Dealing with time limits for bringing claims, identifying who to bring a claim against and obtaining security are often the first issues to be addressed with cargo claims. Complex issues can also arise in which country a claim should be started. We can help with these issues as well as the negotiation of a cargo claim with owners, insurers and carriers.
  • Freight Claims: The complexity of just in time shipment and delivery chains can mean the delivery of cargo is delayed, because one party in that chain had failed to pay freight. We understand the importance of collecting that freight using a variety of commercial and legal as quickly as possible.
  • Storage Charges and Demurrage Claims: The collection and removal of cargo usually runs smoothly but we understand the difficulties faced by shippers, receivers and freight forwarders when delays occur. Time is often of the essence when delays happen and a clear understanding of the options available which can include abandonment of the cargo are issues we grapple with on a regular basis.
  • Freight Forwarder issues: We understand that being a freight forwarder has its challenges whether it be issues surrounding non-payment of freight, misdeclaration of goods or uncollected cargo. We have considerable experience of working with both freight forwarders and their customers on these particular issues as well as many other.
  • Intermodal contracts: Selling and buying goods on terms that fit in with your business modal   is an important component of the risk distribution for your business. We work closely with our clients to ensure their freight forwarding and sales contracts reflect their business needs.
  • Freezing injunctions and attachment of assets for claims: Getting security for your claim against an off shore company or a company based in a foreign jurisdiction is often at the top of any company’s list before starting a legal action, we have considerable experience of working with agents and lawyers across the world to ensure security is obtained as early as possible.
  • Arbitration and litigation: Many disputes involving Bills of Lading issues are resolved in arbitration. We have considerable experience of LMAA and GAFTA arbitrations, as well as bringing claims expeditiously through the English Court as well as other foreign legal systems when it is appropriate.
  • Marine salvage and general average: Accidents at sea happen. The legal rules behind salvage and general average can often be complex. Our shipping solicitors have considerable experience at providing prompt advice on these issues which can often happen suddenly and without much warning.

How does it work? What is the process?

Every dispute is taken on a case by case basis.

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