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Our environmental responsibility

We are committed to reducing the impact that our activities may have on the local, national and global environment. Ways in which we do this include:

  • Working with our waste management service provider to maximise the types of waste that can be recycled, including paper, cardboard, bottles, tins, batteries, glass and printer cartridges.
  • Reducing paper consumption wherever possible. The use of recycled paper, duplex printing, recycling waste paper and sending internal post by recycling envelopes demonstrates some of the measures adopted by our workforce.
  • Promoting paperless communications. We are increasingly using electronic transfer of documents, and e-shots rather than postal mailings for marketing purposes.
  • Implementing innovative energy saving initiatives during office refurbishment. For example, electronic sensors are installed to limit unnecessary use of energy and all electrical equipment now purchased must have the best energy efficient grade.
  • Recycling old office equipment wherever possible; for example, desks are taken by a recycling company and carpet tiles are taken for refurbishment and re-used, offsetting 17 tonnes of carbon dioxide credits.
  • Recycling obsolete computer kit via an environmentally or charitable agency.
  • A piped drinking water system which provides both hot and cold water without the need for energy hungry kettles and the additional waste created by bottled water systems.
  • Ensuring our waste is disposed of responsibly. Packaging and waste disposal will be to COSH regulation through an approved industrial waste contractor.
  • Only sourcing paper and other goods from sustainable sources – all our plain paper is CFC (only from a sustainable source).
  • Reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. We have introduced video conferencing, encouraging less inter office travel, and have increased the use of webinars vs. off-site training. Our travel policy includes a bikes4work scheme, car sharing and encouraging the use of public transport for business travel. All our offices are easily accessible via public transport.
  • Ensuring all our offices are health and safety compliant, ensuring a good working environment for our staff.

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