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The need for recovering unpaid fees can be an unfortunate fact of life. We understand that, as a care provider, you are often in sensitive situations. You may be facing additional complications such as where a resident lacks capacity, or where funds are tied up in property and are not readily available. As a care provider you can also find yourself, unfortunately, caught in the middle of disputes with local authorities, such as when a local authority alleges an intentional deprivation of assets by a resident or ordinary residence disputes between local authorities.

Cash flow is important to any business and outstanding debts, therefore, need to be dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

How can our healthcare solicitors help with unpaid fees?

As healthcare law experts, we understand the delicacy of your position very well. The key to our services is taking the time to understand your business and its processes. Doing this means we can manage your debt collections in a way which is right for your business.

We appreciate that arguments over unpaid care fees are often not as straightforward as regular debt recovery matters. There may be confusion over who is liable for the debt or arguments as to the cost of the placement or the assessed needs of the service user. Complex cases such as this will usually be dealt with by our Health & Social Care team or Dispute Resolution team who have the expertise to guide you through these issues and your options.

For more straightforward debt recovery actions, our specialist Litigation & Recoveries team can provide a cost-effective debt recovery solution that enables you to remain fully in control. We also use the latest technology meaning you will have 24-hour access to our extra system so you can check the progress of your cases and send us instructions electronically. It is a system designed to be efficient, responsive and, importantly, cost-effective.

We provide an end-to-end service from pre-legal collections to complex litigation and we have specialist knowledge of the complexity of the care funding system and obligations owed by public bodies – so you can have a single port of call for all your debt recoveries processes.

What is the process for recovering unpaid fees?

The process we will need to follow will depend on the nature of your case, whether the debtor is disputing the debt and whether there are related disputes over who is responsible for the fees or a services user’s entitlement to care funding.

Each case is different and we will work with you to understand the facts of your particular case and tailor our advice and actions to best suit the circumstances, to give you the best chance of recovering the sums owed to you without the need to go to court, if possible.


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