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New services

If you are developing a new care service, you will invest a lot of time and money in the property and service, before you obtain your registration with the regulator. It can be extremely costly and damaging if your application for registration is refused.

Sometimes it is best to obtain legal advice prior to submitting your application, to ensure you have the best chance of succeeding. This is particularly the case with complex services, supported living and learning disability/mental health services, where there is a need to ensure that the correct set up and paperwork is in place and the correct consultations have taken place, before you apply to register.

Applications for the registrations of new learning disability or mental health services are particularly difficult and require a lot of work and preparation before your application is submitted, in order to comply with CQC’s Registering the Right Support guidance.

Our extensive range of experience in the health and social care sector, gained over many years, means we immediately recognise the key issues and focus on finding solutions to suit your specific circumstances. As well as handling specialist care sector issues, we can provide a full legal service, including advice on employment and commercial issues, contracting with local authorities, dispute resolution and also charity law for Third Sector providers.

We are appointed solicitors to the Registered Nursing Home Association and National Care Association.

Existing services

Whether you provide care to adults or children, changes in regulations and national standards continue to impose an increasingly heavy burden of compliance on your business.

Whether you need advice on issues relating to care homes, supported living, independent hospitals and other specialist care services, our nationally recognised team can give you the legal support you need. We can help you make the most of new openings and avoid the pitfalls.

How can our healthcare law solicitors help?

Whether you wish to start a new service or develop or change an existing one or simply need advice on achieving compliance, we are here to help.

We can support and advise you in respect of regulatory and registration requirements in respect of CQC, CIW, HIW or Ofsted.

Our health and social care solicitors have a strong understanding of the complexities of supported living schemes.

We also have particular experience of the requirement for compliance with CQC’s Registering the Right Support guidance, in respect of the registration of the learning disability and mental health services. We are representing several care providers in challenging decisions by CQC to refuse registration of new services or the extension of existing care homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of regulators is to set and enforce standards on a range of core matters such as to conduct, competence and ethics. The regulators should promote professional practice and ongoing professional development. Each regulator varies its function and policies to reflect the profession they are regulating.

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) is responsible for overseeing the operation of professional regulation in the UK. The PSA reviews all fitness to practise decisions and can appeal decisions made by a professional regulator. The PSA also provides policy advice and encourages research to improve regulation.


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