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As a business, we understand that you need to be aware of how to protect your organisation, employees and customers. Regulatory compliance is a growing and specialist area that’s always changing, so we need to stay in touch with what’s happening. We’ve developed a team of great lawyers to help you through compliance issues, and we’ve been involved in a number of landmark decisions in the field of regulation and business crime.

Understanding the regulations you or your business face isn’t always easy. Our team assists not only in dealing with criminal investigations and prosecutions, but can also help you with enforcement notice appeals. We can help with internal training to help you operate within your regulatory framework. We can also provide advice on regulatory matters in connection with the sale or acquisition of businesses.

What types of regulation and business crime can we help with?

  • Health, safety and environmental crime, including fire safety, food safety and water safety
  • Trading standards and planning offences, and action by the Information Commissioner (e.g. data protection / GDPR)
  • Inquests
  • Fraud, bribery and money crime
  • Directors’ disqualification and prosecutions
  • Professional regulation and disciplinary proceedings
  • Licensing
  • Road traffic offences

Who do our regulatory solicitors help?

We can help whether you’re a business client or individual who needs advice about the wide scope of regulatory compliance, or if you’re a public body looking to take enforcement action.

Our clients are both prosecutors and defendants. We have worked, and continue to work, for regulators themselves, such as the Health & Safety Executive, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Bar Standards Board and local authorities.

We think that this means that we have a really rounded knowledge of this specialist area of law. This also allows us to give you a cost-effective and conscientious service from beginning to end and means we can give you a realistic view of the way that different cases can pan out.

Because of our breadth of experience, we advise businesses and individuals across all market sectors.

Why choose our regulation and business crime lawyers?

Our team is recognised and well respected for its work in regulation and business crime, and our clients therefore benefit from a specialist service. We’ve acted in a number of high-profile cases over the last few years, and developed a team that can advise and assist on every level.

That starts with advice and representation during the investigation, including interviews under caution. Our regulation and business crime solicitors can talk you through steps that may be taken at an early stage which can protect your interests further down the line. Our team then assists you throughout the investigative process, including giving advice about what to expect and obtaining expert evidence where necessary.

In court proceedings, you will be pleased to know that our team includes a barrister and regulatory solicitors who are all very experienced advocates. The benefit of that to you is that one of our own team can often represent you in the Magistrates’ or Crown Courts in criminal proceedings, and in other tribunals for other sorts of proceedings. We have good links with barristers’ chambers too though, which means that we can ensure that you get the right representation.

Our team of regulatory solicitors will help you to make sure that you obtain the correct disclosure of documents from the prosecuting authority so that your case can be properly prepared. That is particularly important when there is a lot of documentation, or in cases with multiple suspects or defendants.

We deal regularly with trials and sentencing hearings, but have considerable experience in dealing with appeals too. Coupled with the fact that, even outside court proceedings, we are able to provide risk management advice, audits and training, we think that we therefore provide a holistic service which has, at its heart, getting the right results for our clients.

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