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We are members of both local and national organisations. Independent reviews help provide you with unbiased insight into our firm.

History - LA

History is important in any business – it shows a commitment to its industry and its clients. We are proud of ours.

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We value your opinion – please feel free to give us any feedback or comments. If our service didn’t meet your expectations please use our complaints form.

Our Core Values define who we are, how we behave and how we make decisions in Lester Aldridge.

We are a member of MSI, a global networking link of lawyers and accountants, and can help you get fast and reliable advice globally.

We believe in equality and diversity for everyone – employees, clients and the firm. As part of our overall commitment to equality of opportunity, we are fully dedicated to promoting a good harmonious working environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

As a law firm, one of our priorities is to be as fair and reasonable as possible. This is why we dedicate time to making sure we are as socially responsible as possible. We also recognise the positive effects good CSR can have for our clients and our wider communities.

Charity of The Year Lester Aldridge

Every year we ask staff to vote on a Charity of the Year which then benefits from money raised throughout the year through fundraising activities, supported by a dedicated team of employees.

We are committed to reducing the impact that our activities may have on the local, national and global environment.