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Our technology clients are typically small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs providing technology, software and communications based solutions and support services. We support our technology clients in partnering with large corporates through joint ventures which allows for flexible debt and equity funding models and an agreed role out programme. We also support our clients seeking early stage equity funding, institutional venture and development investment and private equity house funds.

We help clients involved in developing and protecting innovative often convergent technologies and their intellectual property assets to underpin their valuation models.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

The development and use of artificial intelligence are breaking into the business mainstream. Whether you are a fast growth business or an established business, we can assist you in navigating this advancing area

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Selling a Company or Business


Where our clients decide their business would be best developed through a sale to a third party, we advise them through the exit or transition to exit process.

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Buying a Company or Business

Buying a business-solicitors-bournemouth-southampton-london

We also assist technology companies based overseas establish and develop their business in the UK, though direct investment in and the setting up of a UK entity or the acquisition of a UK based business with a suitably and sufficiently aligned trading network, structure and connections.

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International Expertise


Where a technology client plans to grow through acquisition or by opening up new markets overseas, we assist them through our international overseas network of law firms.

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We work with technology clients on a wide range of commercial agreements required in their day-to-day business to maintain and protect their delivery process be that a unique online platform or otherwise, including terms of trade which are often bespoke relevant to the situation but can include a wide range of client specific arrangements and dispute resolution processes.

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Data Protection & GDPR


We support our technology clients in maintaining compliance under applicable law and regulation.

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Data Protection & GDPR

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