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We are a compact team of marine solicitors with a wealth of legal knowledge in shipping law and a depth of experience in dealing with sales contracts whether they are stand alone contract or part of a string sale.

We appreciate that commodity markets can often be unpredictable and susceptible to global economic changes as well as seasonal variations. Our shipping lawyers offer incisive, timely advice and support when problems occur.

Shipping contracts

We assist clients with the drafting of clauses and construction issues when contract clauses are capable of more than one interpretation, as well as contract of affreightment and charterparties.

Notice of Readiness issues:  We understand the range of problems these notices can run into and the importance of proper notices being provided so as to ensure a sales contract runs smoothly. We assist clients with problems caused by a defective or rejected Notice of Readiness.

Marine disputes

  • Demurrage disputes: The collection of demurrage is not always a straightforward affair and complex questions can often arise We have a wealth of experience in dealing with small and large demurrage claims, whether that be defending claims or, recovering claims.
  • Force Majeure: This is a complicated area of the law and early assistance is often required to determine whether an event falls into a force majeure clause and the ramifications in the event it does not.
  • Buy back issues: Complications can often arise with what should be a relatively straight forward buy back. We understand the importance of clear concise advice in buy back disputes.
  • Quality and quantity disputes: There are usually short time limits for bringing claims and we understand the commercial importance of preparing these properly and presenting and pursuing claims at an early juncture.
  • Letter of indemnity issues: These letters are a vital part of the shipping and logistics industry but they are not without their risks. Managing that risk is an important part of our role when handling shipping and commodity matters
  • Indemnity claims.
  • Arbitration and litigation: Sometimes differences of opinion cannot be commercially resolved and arbitration or legal proceedings need to be commenced. We can help you with a LMAA or GAFTA arbitration or a LCIA or English Court claim.

Our arbitration solicitors understand the importance of acting quickly to ensure indemnities are sought from contracting parties whether it be under a sale contract, bill of lading or charterparty. Where it is appropriate we will get the claim secured at the earliest juncture and we are part of the group which gives us access to specialist lawyers across the globe in most ports and cities.

How does it work? What is the process?

Every dispute is taken on a case by case basis.

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