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The Dorset Business Festival returns for its second year, promising an expanded programme of events aimed at celebrating and championing businesses’ role as a force for good in the community. From 30 September to 10 October, the festival, organised by Dorset Chamber, will be a hub of activity, fostering networking opportunities, thought leadership discussions, and celebrations within the business community.

Building upon the success of its inaugural year, which saw participation from over 1,000 businesses, this year’s festival is set to be even more impactful. Under the theme “Business – A Force for Good,” the festival aims to showcase the positive contributions made by businesses to job creation, economic growth, community cohesion, and public services.

Ian Girling, Chief Executive of Dorset Chamber, expressed his excitement about the forthcoming festival, stating, “I am thrilled to announce that the Dorset Business Festival is returning for a second year. Last year’s event was a tremendous success, and this year, we are expanding with an extended programme of exciting events and activities over two weeks.”

Lester Aldridge has renewed its commitment as the festival’s Premier Partner for the second consecutive year. Grant Esterhuizen, Partner, emphasised the firm’s dedication to promoting business and social responsibility, stating, “As Premier Partner of the Dorset Business Festival for a second year, Lester Aldridge remains committed to the fusion of business and social responsibility.”

The festival will feature a range of events, including networking opportunities, an expo, a conference hosted by presenter Declan Curry, and the prestigious Dorset Business Awards, which will celebrate the achievements of businesses across ten categories.

“We see commerce as a force for good, driving positive change within our communities,” Grant added. “Supporting this festival aligns with Lester Aldridge’s commitment to shaping a better future through responsible business practices.”

The festival will kick off with the launch of the Dorset Business Awards on 23rd April, followed by various events leading up to the main festivities in September and October.

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