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SRA Interventions

What has happened to Jarmans Solicitors (JS) Limited?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has closed down the practice of Jarmans Solicitors, 13 Conqueror Court, Vellum Drive, Sittingbourne, ME10 5BH. This happened on 15th March 2024. Lester Aldridge is helping the SRA with the closure.

What happens now?

Jarmans Solicitors (JS) Limited can no longer act for its clients. If you were a client, you would need to find a new solicitor. You can find a list of solicitors in England and Wales on the Law Society’s website.

What has happened to my file?

The files that were held at the offices of Jarmans Solicitors (JS) Limited have been removed and are held by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. To find out how to recover your file, please see our Interventions page.

What has happened to the money Jarmans Solicitors (JS) Limited was holding for me?

The bank accounts of Jarmans Solicitors (JS) Limited have been frozen, and all monies which were held in those accounts have been transferred to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are being held on behalf of clients. If you think the firm should have been holding money on your behalf, please see our SRA Interventions page.

How can I get more information?

You can contact our Interventions Team at 01202 786341 or by email at You can also find out more about this intervention on the SRA’s website. Chris Evans is the appointed agent.