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The implications of the menopause in the workplace is now being discussed in a much more open way than ever before but It is still undoubtedly an uncomfortable topic for many men, however it is one that shouldn’t be ignored. On 30th September Dorset Chamber is hosting an online, gentlemen only event to get the conversation going.

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What will we learn?
Nicola Green is a menopause consultant and she helps organisations address menopause in their workplace by providing practical advice and support. The aim is to open up a dialogue around the menopause in the workplace, to ensure that staff feel comfortable discussing it with line managers and business leaders. Understanding the difficulties that women can suffer at this time in their life and ensure that workplaces are supportive of women’s needs at this time is very important. There are a number of practical measures that businesses can take that make a big difference to women who may be going through a variety of menopausal symptoms. Edward O Brien from Lester Aldridge will then talk about the responsibilities that employers have, to ensure that women are supported in the workplace.

Who is the event suitable for?
Any businessman or line manager that employs women.

Provided by
Nicola Green Consultancy
Edward O Brien Lester Aldridge

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