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We welcomed 8 new trainee solicitors to the firm in September and will be following them on their two year trainee journey at Lester Aldridge. Hannah Gilling, Alice Straight and Samantha Edwards talk about their first week as trainee solicitors at Lester Aldridge and what their expectations of the trainee scheme at LA are.

The trainee scheme at Lester Aldridge consists of four seats taken over 2 years in both contentious and non-contentious teams; where possible we do try and accommodate the wishes of the trainees as to which seats they would like to take.

What attracted you to the Lester Aldridge trainee scheme?

A – The fact that Lester Aldridge is a full service law firm means I am able to gain experience across a wide range of different areas of law during my training contract. Lester Aldridge’s main office is based in Bournemouth which is a great place to live and work.

H – I really enjoy analysing information and creating client relationships but I wasn’t sure what area of law I wanted to specialise in. Having the opportunity to work at a firm with such a variety of specialities was a big draw for me.

S – The trainee scheme at Lester Aldridge offers trainees a wide range of experience in different departments. This was hugely appealing to me as it meant I could go from Fast Track Debt to Family to Commercial Property! I wanted to be able to experience the different departments to not only gain a better understanding of the various aspects of the law, but to also better understand which type of law I suited.

How have you found your first week as a trainee at LA?

H – My first week has been a real eye opener to all the opportunities that are available to me. I have already had the chance to network with other trainees within the firm and sign up to one of the many young professional groups advocated by LA to build upon my own business development and networking proficiency.

 S – I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week as a trainee. There is a great support network and I am encouraged to ask questions in order to learn, which is a great environment to work in! ! The other trainees are fantastic and the atmosphere is very positive and friendly, which is only aided by the open floorplan.

A – It has been busy, interesting and exciting as I have been working on a whole range of different matters demanding different skills.

What are your expectations of the Lester Aldridge trainee programme?

– I expect to face challenges in each seat, and to be able to experience the different aspects of the law. Whether this means attending court or mediation, or interviewing clients and advising them on their current legal problems.

H – I expect LA to indorse a very hands-on approach to training. I am anticipating that sometimes I may feel out of my depth, but these times will push me to learn and discover what I am capable of. I am looking forward to the level of client contact and responsibility LA offers trainees.

A – My main expectation is to learn and develop into a confident and professional solicitor. I also expect to meet new people, develop professional relationships and to be challenged in the work I do.

Where would you like to be in five years’ time?

H – I still don’t know entirely what I want to specialise in when I qualify, but I hope to leave a good impression in every department I have the opportunity to train in.

In 5 years’ time I want to have developed into a technical yet approachable lawyer. I really want to be able to provide the best advice to my clients and promote social and ethical responsibility within the legal sector.

A – I would like to be qualified and developing in my role as a solicitor in an area of law that I enjoy. Currently, I am very open minded to what that could be!

S – Ideally, in five years’ time I would like to be a Family solicitor at Lester Aldridge. Although I have yet to experience practising in Family, I enjoyed learning about it throughout my studies and I hope to be able to complete a seat there in the future.

With our current Managing Partner an LA trainee alumni, the sky really is the limit at Lester Aldridge.

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