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First-year trainee solicitor Alex Phillips shares what attracted him to Lester Aldridge and his experiences so far as he undertakes the first seat of his training contract.

Please share with us your journey into law

Having always had an interest in a career in law, I did some work experience at a local firm in Reading. I then went on to study at the University of Dundee. I did my English law degree before staying an additional year to study Scots law. I then attended the University of Law’s Liverpool campus to study the LPC. After completing this, I started my training contract at LA.

Tell us about your seats so far at LA

I am currently in my first seat in the Real Estate Commercial team in Southampton. Having only had a little legal experience outside of university before starting in September, I have found it a steep learning curve. However, the team has been really helpful, and I am making progress and enjoying myself.

What area of law do you enjoy the most / hope to qualify into? Has this changed?

Being in my first seat, I am still deciding where I want to qualify. At university and while studying the LPC, I particularly enjoyed Dispute Resolution, so I hope to explore these more during my training contract.

What attracted you to the Lester Aldridge trainee scheme?

I liked the variety of seats available, the firm’s reputation, and the opportunities that would be available to me.

How did you prepare for your trainee solicitor interview?

I did my background research on the firm and considered what questions they might ask me. Other than that, I got a good night’s sleep and tried not to worry.

What’s the best thing about training at LA?

The best thing that I have found is that the work and training given are manageable, and if I have any questions, I know who to ask.

How would you describe the culture at LA?

Very friendly and open, everyone is here to help.

What are the development opportunities like at LA?

I can’t answer this in too much detail because I am new to the firm. However, the high retention of trainees and the number of partners that trained at the firm are really encouraging.

Do you have tips for trainees just starting their training contracts?

Don’t panic, and don’t be in too much of a hurry. You have time to develop.

Find out more about training contracts at Lester Aldridge

We are currently accepting applications for training contracts starting in 2026. Find out more, or apply here by 17th May 2024.