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Regulation and Business Crime 3C

Regulation and Business Crime

As a business we understand that you need to be aware of how to protect your organisation, employees and customers. Regulatory compliance is a growing and specialist area that’s always changing, so we need to stay in touch with what’s happening. We’ve developed a team of great lawyers to help you through compliance issues, and we’ve been involved in a number of landmark decisions in the field.

We can help with a number of different issues including everything below:

  • Directors’ prosecutions
  • Enforcement notices, including appeals
  • Environment Agency investigations and prosecutions
  • Fire safety
  • Fraud, bribery, and other money crime
  • Health & Safety Executive investigations and prosecutions
  • Inquests
  • Interviews under caution / representation at the police station
  • Licensing
  • Local authority investigations and prosecutions
  • Planning
  • Risk management advice and audits
  • Serious Fraud Office / Police investigations and prosecutions
  • Trading Standards investigations and prosecutions
  • Water regulatory investigations, prosecutions and arbitrations

What’s more, we can help individuals with criminal and road traffic offences.

Although we work for the Health & Safety Executive, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and local authorities, we can help whether you’re a public body or if you’re a business client who needs advice about the wide scope of compliance. Our clients are both prosecutors and defendants too, so we have a really rounded knowledge of this specialist sector. This allows us to give you a cost-effective and conscientious service from beginning to end and means we can give you a realistic view of the way that different cases can pan out.

Regulation & Business Crime specialists

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