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Licensing is a subject which many businesses and individuals find difficult to understand, both in terms of the actual process of applying for a licence and what activities are covered under licensing law.

It’s easy to fall foul of licensing regulations and, as a failure to have the correct licence can be a criminal offence, the consequences of doing so can be very serious for you and your business.

How our licensing solicitors can help

At LA, we pride ourselves on giving straightforward and sound advice. Between the members of our team, we have experience of acting on behalf of all of the parties involved in licensing, ranging from individuals and businesses through to local licensing authorities and the police. From simple private hire licence applications through to Crown Court appeals, we have assisted in getting the right result for our clients.

Our licensing lawyers can advise you about the various license requirements that apply to your business, help with the completion of the necessary application forms, and represent you at hearings that may be required. Our team includes experienced advocates (solicitors and a barrister), which means that we can look after you at every stage of the process. We can also assist you when your licence is at risk, whether as a result of an application for review, or a referral to the local licensing committee for other reasons.

Our team has experience across the entire spectrum of local authority licensing, including:

  • Alcohol licences: we provide advice in relation to premises licences and club premises certificates, ranging from pubs to clubs and from corner shops to major supermarket developments. In addition, we can assist you with the associated requirements for an alcohol license, for personal licences and designated premises supervisors.
  • Gambling licences: similar sorts of licensing requirements also apply to activities such as gambling or lotteries.
  • Street trading or street café licences: these include cafés who wish to put tables and chairs outside premises.
  • Temporary events notices (TENs): certain activities may require you to obtain a TEN. Those include selling alcohol, serving hot food or drink late at night, holding wedding receptions, sporting events or providing entertainment. Whether you wish to carry out a licensable activity on unlicensed premises, or carry out an activity which is not included in the terms of your existing licence, we can assist you with the relevant legal requirements.
  • Taxi licences: whether a hackney carriage or private hire licence is required, we are able to assist both drivers and operators.
  • Sexual entertainment venue (SEV) licences: some local authorities restrict how many SEV licences will be granted, and so we can provide assistance with investigatory work before you commit funds to an application. There is a particular procedure to be followed when making an application and when renewing each year. We also assist clients if objections are made to applications or renewals.
  • Animal establishments: if you carry out certain activities, such as breeding dogs, selling pets, providing boarding for cats or dogs, and hiring out horses, you may require a new form of licence from the local authority. We have been giving advice on these requirements effective from October 2018, as well as on related matters such as dangerous animals.
  • We can also provide you with advice in respect of the requirements surrounding TV licensing, PRS, PPL, filmbank and MPS.

Because the circumstances of each case are unique, our licensing solicitors will happily discuss your individual requirements with you.

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