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Our International Probate solicitors provide a range of international estate services to executors, administrators, beneficiaries and families throughout the world.  Whether you are responsible for dealing with foreign assets or an individual with international affairs planning for the future, we are here to help you.

International estates come in all different shapes and sizes and can range from administering a small foreign bank account to an individual leaving a number of properties scattered all over the world with a number of different estate taxes to pay.

Why would an estate require a grant of probate from another country?

As our world evolves, the ability of an individual to live, work or invest abroad becomes easier. With families becoming more internationally diverse, the result is that an increasing amount of individuals own assets in more than one jurisdiction.

However, when a person dies with assets held abroad, the process required to attend to those assets can be complicated.

While the person attending to the estate may have easily obtained a grant of representation in the home country of the deceased, they may, upon writing to the international asset company, find that this grant is not acceptable to allow for the administration of the foreign asset. There may be a requirement for a foreign probate and applying for this foreign court authority is often much more complicated than one may first imagine.

How much does estate administration cost?

As our cases rarely contain the same facts, it can be difficult to quote purely based on the value of the assets. For this reason, our fees are based on time and the complexity of the estate. For example, at the start of each case, we consider the range of assets, the jurisdictions involved and whether UK inheritance tax or other foreign estate tax is payable.

We calculate our fees based on the hourly rates applicable at the relevant time, which currently range from £60 – £225. We delegate work to ensure that it is dealt with at the appropriate level.

More junior members of our International probate and estate team deal with routine matters in connection with the administration of the estate and our more experienced fee earners and partners supervise the administration generally, and deal with any technical legal aspects.

Where possible, we offer a fixed fee. If you would like to obtain a quote, please email us with the following key information:

  1. The country where the deceased has passed away;
  2. The type of foreign assets, for example, land, stocks and shares, investment funds or bank accounts.
  3. The country in which the assets are located;
  4. The approximate value of the assets, which will then provide us with an indication as to whether inheritance tax or a foreign estate tax may be applicable.

How can our International probate solicitors assist with this?

Our International estate lawyers specialise in the administration of estates with an overseas element, it is what we have been doing for decades and, as such, we have a wealth of expertise and contacts.

When attending to the requirements to attend to a foreign estate, you may find that you have to comply with complicated foreign laws and taxes, and there may also be a language barrier. We are familiar with many of the requirements of foreign courts and asset companies, and are often able to attend to all of the administration of a foreign estate directly from our office.

In instances where a local lawyer is required to assist, through our many years of dealing with International estates, and our membership of MSI, a global networking link of lawyers and accountants, we have reliable contacts around the world that can help clients to secure fast and dependable advice.

The team also regularly attend to many applications where the deceased died domiciled abroad with applications for probate in the UK, or surrounding areas. Through our many years of attending to such applications, we have a great deal of experience in this area, as well as great relationships with our local probate registry and the courts in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

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