Grace Long, a Trainee Solicitor at Lester Aldridge, and her companions completed their Sahara trek, braving scorching temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, trekking over 50km to raise an outstanding £30,000 for the Katie Piper Foundation.

Sahara trek, grace long for Katie piper foundation Sahara trek, grace long for Katie piper foundation

£30,000 will fund more than five weeks of personalised rehabilitation for survivors.

Grace says, “The Sahara trek has been nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. I am thrilled to have been able to have a part in raising money for the KPF and am very grateful to Lester Aldridge for introducing me to the foundation and all those who have donated. The never-ending supply of Sahara sand in my boots will certainly serve as a lifelong reminder of this unforgettable experience!”

The Katie Piper Foundation supports adult survivors of burns. They offer support, rehabilitation and access to other services that work alongside patients existing support networks, such as the NHS. The foundation believes in a tailor-made approach to each individual’s mental wellbeing and physical health. It provides a vital resource, and fundraising is key to continued success.

David Healy, Head of the Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team at Lester Aldridge, says, “Having acted for many clients with severe burns, we appreciate the amount of treatment and difficulties that clients go through. It not only effects our clients but everyone around them. The Katie Piper Foundation has given invaluable support to our clients. Grace and her fellow trekkers have done fantastically well to complete this challenge in such an extreme environment ”

Lester Aldridge sends congratulations to all who took part in this fundraising and we look forward to getting involved in whatever comes next.