Melanie Lidstone-Land, Senior Associate in our Clinical Negligence department has recently settled an extremely complex orthopaedic claim for her client and securing a seven-figure sum for damages.

Our client was left disabled as a result of an underlying pain condition (not caused by negligence) and a negligently performed left elbow replacement operation.  As a result of the operation, our client suffered a chronic infection in her elbow joint meaning that she was then unable to continue with medication for rheumatoid arthritis.  This, in turn, meant that our client’s disease progressed increasing pain, suffering and loss of independence.

The defendant admitted that there was negligence in respect of the operation but denied any liability for progression of the rheumatoid arthritis.  On that basis the defendant argued that damages should be very limited, in fact less than £200,000.

Lester Aldridge put together a team of medical experts who supported our client’s arguments.  Evidence was exchanged with the defendant solicitors who maintained their position.  The calculations for our client’s losses were set out and the defendant provided their calculations which remained very low. Melanie, with the skilled assistance of John de Bono KC (Serjeants Inn Chambers) pushed the defendant to accept a round table settlement meeting where compromise was reached and the case was settled without the need for a trial.

Melanie says “It was an absolute pleasure to work with my client who was significantly injured because of surgical negligence.  To obtain a sum of money that will enable my client to buy an adapted home  and regain some independence is absolutely why I fight so hard for my clients.  This was a complex case and required a team approach with my client, the medical experts and the barrister.”


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